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General Site Rules

Post by ⛥Anastasia⛥ on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:15 pm

Be respectful to all players, staff and your-self.
No pornographic, or sexual content. ex: descriptive sex in roleplays etc. or pictures.
No offensive, racist or homophobic content.
Age suggestion of 13+ unless you think you are mature enough and can prove it.
No bullying
No harmful speech
No spam
No junk
No links that lead to anything inappropriate, if you're going to talk about that stuff... bring it somewhere else.
Be mature
No arguing or fighting with staff and other players to an offensive extent.
Just be nice
Don't be stupid
No brutal swear words(XD) unless you have a good reason ;3
If you need help, as any staff or trusted players
Don't 'ask' to be staff... apply.
I don't think I need any further consultation, just be a good player and spread the word ;3

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