Wolf RPG Plot~etc.

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Wolf RPG Plot~etc.

Post by ⛥Anastasia⛥ on Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:30 pm

There are 3 wolf packs... 
Loyal, kind and generous
Neutral, fair, strong and smart
Rutheless, power hungry, smart and wicked strong

is the kindest out of all the packs. They are the eldest pack, dating back to more then 100 years. They believe that patience, love and generosity lead to a strong and healthy pack. They give every wolf and pup a chance and usually take loners etc. in allot. They are mainly Arctic, Grey and Himalayan Wolves.

used to be moonpack, but Scar, a wolf who was a little too dark for Moonpack and had his own ways ran off with his mate and a few others... rogues soon joined and Nightpack was made. They aren't evil as deathpack but are still kind at times. They are tougher and not as gentle. They are strict and more hungry for power but are still allied with Moonpack. They are mainly made up of Grey Wolves, few Red Wolves, Eastern Wolves and Iberian Wolves.

is a foreign pack. They are mainly a different breed of wolf. They are made up of about 40% of them are mane wolves mixed with Eastern Wolves, as they are from the south and bred with escaped Maned wolves from a zoo train which crashed near their territory. They soon had the hybrids part of their pack. But now also have Mexican wolves with few other subspecies.

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